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NLAF members

NLAF members comprise of the peak representative bodies delivering legal assistance on a state wide basis, as well as organisations that deal with a range of legal issues that impact on disadvantaged people.

NLAF members include:

Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)
Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)

The ALS is a proud Aboriginal community organisation. We opened our doors in 1970 in Redfern as the first Aboriginal Legal Service in Australia – that makes us over 40 years old!

The ALS does legal work in Criminal law, children’s Care and Protection law and Family law.

We assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, women and children through representation in court, advice and information, and referral to further support services. 

But we also do things making us different from other legal service providers, like:

We have 23 offices and 185 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff across NSW and ACT working towards achieving justice for Aboriginal people and the community.

Community Legal Centres NSW
Community Legal Centres NSW

Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are independent community organisations providing legal services to disadvantaged and marginalised people and communities. CLCs offer a range of legal and related services to their client community. Possible services include but are not limited to:

  • Information and referral;
  • Advice on legal matters;
  • Legal casework and representation in targeted areas of law;
  • Community legal education; and
  • Law reform and public policy development and advocacy.

There are 40 CLCs throughout NSW employing qualified staff including solicitors, social workers and community legal educators. There are both generalist and specialist centres.

Department of Justice NSW
Department of Justice NSW

The NSW Department of Justice administers the courts, tribunals, laws and justice programs of the State. 

The Department assists the NSW Government, Judiciary, Parliament and the community to promote social harmony through programs that protect human rights and community standards, and reduce crime.

The Department plays a key role in the administration and development of a just and equitable legal system of courts, tribunals, laws and other mechanisms that further the principles of justice and contribute to the achievement of the goals of Government.

The Department assists the NSW Attorney General as the First Law Officer of the State. It also provides support services to enable the Attorney’s legislative and advisory responsibilities to Parliament and Cabinet to be carried out.

LawAccess NSW
LawAccess NSW

LawAccess NSW is a free government telephone service providing legal information, referrals and in some instances advice to people who have a legal problem in NSW. LawAccess NSW also provides online resources to assist people with a range of legal topics including practical help for those who are representing themselves in a court or tribunal.


Law and Justice Foundation of NSW
Law and Justice Foundation of NSW

The Law and Justice Foundation (LJF) is an independent statutory body working to improve access to justice in NSW, particularly for socially and economically disadvantaged people.  The LJF do this by:

  • identifying the legal needs of the community and what works to address those needs to support the planning and delivery of cost-effective legal assistance services
  • supporting community and other organisations to produce a wide range of access to justice initiatives (i.e. information booklets, DVDs, workshops, research) through financial and other support from the Grants program
  • promoting the use of Plain English to produce understandable legal information
  • producing a range of publications which helps to promote access to justice activity
  • acknowledging the outstanding work of people working to improve access to justice by managing the annual Justice Awards
  • supporting legal system reforms and new justice initiatives by contributing research findings to policy development.

The L&JF do not provide legal research assistance, legal advice or referral to individuals.

Law Society of NSW
Law Society of NSW

The Law Society of New South Wales is a professional association for solicitors. The Law Society’s role includes:

  • Representing the interests of solicitors, encouraging debate and actively driving law reform issues through policy submissions and open dialogue with Governments, parliamentary bodies, and the courts
  • Licensing solicitors to practice, overseeing trust accounts, investigating complaints and administering discipline to ensure that both the community and the profession are properly served by ethical and responsible solicitors
  • Providing guidance to the profession on all aspects of the Legal Profession Uniform Law and advice on ethical and compliance issues, and professional development obligations
  • Uniting the profession, helping members across the state stay in touch with legal developments and with fellow solicitors across a range of publications, networking opportunities and regional law societies
  • Providing a wide range of services to assist members in their professional and personal lives, so that they can provide a better service for their clients and uphold the integrity of the profession.
Legal Aid NSW
Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW is a state-wide organisation providing legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged people across NSW through a statewide network of 24 offices and over 200 regular outreach locations.

Legal Aid NSW delivers legal services in most areas of criminal, family and civil law. Services range from legal information, education, advice, minor assistance, dispute resolution and duty services, through to an extensive litigation practice.

Legal Aid NSW delivers legal services in partnership with the private legal profession through grants of legal aid and works in close partnership with LawAccess NSW, Community Legal Centres, the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd and pro bono legal services.

Legal Aid NSW also collaborates with other agencies that provide social and support services to disadvantaged and marginalised people, helping us achieve more integrated services that address clients’ legal and non-legal needs.

Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)

The Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) is a specialist information service of the State Library of NSW. It provides access to high quality information about the law for all members of the community in NSW via the Find Legal Answers service in public libraries, a dedicated website (with a link to and by working in partnership with key legal sector agencies.

NSW Bar Association
NSW Bar Association

The New South Wales Bar Association is a voluntary association of practising barristers. Amongst other things, the Association:

  • promotes, maintains and improves the interests and standards of local practising barristers;
  • makes recommendations with respect to legislation, law reform, rules of court and the business and procedure of courts;
  • arranges and promotes continuing professional development;
  • promotes fair and honourable practice amongst barristers;
  • inquires into questions as to professional conduct and etiquette of barristers;
  • confers and cooperates with bodies in Australia and elsewhere representing the profession of the law; and
  • encourages professional, educational, cultural and social relations amongst the members of the Bar Association
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

PIAC is an independent, non-profit law and policy organisation that works for a fair, just and democratic society, empowering citizens, consumers and communities by taking strategic action on public interest issues.

PIAC is a member of CLC NSW and NACLC.

Justice Connect
Justice Connect

Justice Connect is a charity and accredited community legal centre that provides free legal help to people facing disadvantage and not-for-profit community organisations. We harness the power of pro bono legal help from our 50+ member law firms and member barrister chambers to create a fairer and more just world, and provide access to justice. With our deep and strong connection with the legal community, we fill unmet legal need, grow pro bono culture, and challenge and change laws that hurt those most in need.



NSW Family Violence Prevention Legal Services
NSW Family Violence Prevention Legal Services

The National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLSs) Forum was formally established in May 2012. It is comprised of fourteen member organisations across Australia who are service providers under the Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Program. 

FVPLSs provide legal assistance, casework, counselling and court support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults and children who are victim/survivors of family violence. Legal services are provided to victim/survivors in matters related to:

  • Family violence (i.e. VRO, AVO different terminology across jurisdictions);

  • Victims of crime compensation;

  • Family law; and

  • Child protection.

FVPLSs also provide an important community legal education and early intervention and prevention function. FVPLSs have adopted a holistic, wrap-around service delivery model that prioritise legal service delivery while recognising and addressing the multitude of interrelated issues that our clients face. Nationally 90% of our clients are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children.

FVPLSs are expected to ensure that the services offered are culturally inclusive and accessible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults and children in the specified service region, regardless of gender, sexual preference, family relationship, location, disability, literacy or language.