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Working Group on Access to Justice for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Report to NLAF - November 2008

The Working Group met on 23 September and 20 November 2008.

Progress Reports

Liverpool Legal Access Project

A subgroup with representatives from South West Sydney Legal Centre, LawAccess, Law & Justice Foundation meet with Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre.

The outcomes of the meeting were:

  • Agreement to develop the interagency cooperation model by focusing on improving access to legal assistance services in two communities: the established Fijian and newly arrived Iraqi communities in Liverpool.
  • Development of a Project Outline
  • Development of a Draft Framework for working with CALD Communities
  • Agreement on methodology including: mapping of existing legal services; documentation of existing resources; developing a basic profile of the communities. and identifying possible initiatives and resources to meet legal need.
  • Development of the Evaluation Strategy.
  • Agreement to utilise the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre scheduled community consultations for Liverpool Legal Access Project

Sudanese Community Project

The Working Group is providing input into the Sudanese Community Project managed Diversity Services, Attorney General’s Department and Blacktown Local Court.

The Working Party has:

  • Distributed the outcomes of the consultation with the Sudanese Community which identified legal need in the community
  • Identified Sudanese community legal resources to map the existing resources and identify gaps
  • Facilitated involvement by the Macquarie Legal Centre