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Terms of Reference

The objective of the NLAF Prisoners Forum is to provide a platform for organisations in the justice sector to work together in a cooperative and collaborative manner to address access to justice and legal needs of prisoners in NSW. In particular in the areas of:

  • Legal education, information and training for staff and inmates of NSW correctional centres
  • Lawyer client communications
  • Civil and Family Law needs of prisoners.

In addressing these issues the Forum will consider the needs of vulnerable population groups.

Members of the Forum:

  • Aboriginal Legal Service
  • NSW Bar Association
  • Community Legal Centres NSW
  • Community Restorative Centre
  • Corrective Services NSW
  • First Peoples Disability Network
  • Inspector of Custodial Services
  • Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network
  • Legal Aid NSW
  • LawAccess
  • Law and Justice Foundation of NSW
  • NSW Ombudsman
  • Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)
  • Revenue NSW
  • State Library, Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
  • Weave Youth & Community Services

Prisoners Legal Information Team (PLIT)

PLIT operates as a subgroup of the Prisoners Forum

PLIT Terms of Reference

The main purpose for the establishment of the PLIT is to review and update the content of the Legal Information Portal.

The Legal Information Portal is a legal information site for prisoners on the Corrective Services NSW inmate intranet. The Portal provides practical, plain language information to prisoners about relevant criminal, family and civil law issues and processes. It also informs inmates about how to contact a lawyer or get legal advice while in prison.

The PLIT is comprised of representatives from the following organisations:

  • Corrective Services NSW
  • Law Access
  • Legal Aid NSW
  • Law and Justice Foundation
  • State Library (LIAC)
  • Aboriginal Legal Service.

The NLAF Project Manager is also a member of the PLIT.

PLIT may from time to time include representatives from other relevant organisations.

The PLIT will meet each three months in order to:

  • review material on the Portal and determine whether to remove any of it; and
  • consider new material to be included on the Portal.