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Employment Law Services

The Employment Law Services working group is focussed on strategies to address the demand for free employment law services in NSW.


Monique Hitter, Director, Civil Law, Legal Aid NSW

Term of Operation:

September 2010 – December 2011

Terms of Reference

NLAF Reports

NLAF Resources

Employment Law Resources



Employment Lawyers Forum Coming up  on Wendesday 20 February 2012

The Forum is designed to facilitate discussion about issues in employment law, to exchange information, to networ and share initiatves and increase and improve access to employment alw services for marginalised, and vulnerable workers in NSW.  The Forum will opein with a presentation on the changes to unfair dismissal laws.

The Commonwealth Minister for Employment Participation, Kate Ellis, has released an Issues Paper seeking community input on the future of Commonwealth funded Employment Services, targeted at the most disadvantaged.  These include members of CALD communities and refugees. 

The Issues Paper is available here:

Submissions are due by Friday 15 March 2013.