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Collaborative Service Planning


The Collaborative Service Planning Working Group aims to establish an agreed framework to progress a more comprehensive approach to collaborative service planning in NSW. This will ensure that legal services are delivered in a coordinated and appropriate way to meet clients' legal needs. 

Interim Chair:

Jane Cipants, Director of Client Services, Legal Aid NSW

Term of operation:

Commenced August 2018, on hold as at December 2020

Terms of Reference


Dynamic map of catchments for collaborative service planning – July 2020

A dynamic map showing the catchments that have been developed through the NLAF Collaborative Service Planning Working Group is now available. Click below to access the map and select from the following layers/filters: NSW Border, NSW LGA Borders, Main Courts NSW, Other Courts NSW, Community Legal Centres, Aboriginal Legal Services, Legal Aid NSW Offices. Please note that this map is an interim measure, while a prototype for a new collaborative service planning data resource that includes legal needs data, legal service data and combines maps and spreadsheets is being progressed by the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.


Discussion paper on proposed Metropolitan Catchments for Service Planning December 2019

The discussion paper on the proposed metropolitan catchments for collaborative service planning which have been developed through the NLAF Working Group is here


Map of revised Catchments for Service Planning – October 2019

Revised regional catchments have been developed through the NLAF Working Group. A map showing the catchments as at October 2019 is here


Consultation on Data Sharing for Collaborative Service Planning

Consultation was undertaken to seek the agreement of legal assistance service providers on proposed data sharing arrangements for collaborative service planning across NSW. The consultation was targeted at legal assistance sector providers, however, other organisations and individuals were welcome to provide comments. The Discussion Paper from this consulation process can be found here.

Currently, resources are being developed to assist with service planning, including a Collaborative Planning Resource Guide and updated Regional Profiles (to provide a legal needs analysis).


Pilots for Collaborative Service Planning


Following consultation since February 2019 (for the consultation paper, published 22 Feb 2019, see here) the Collaborative Service Planning Working Group is holding pilots of the new approach to collaborative service planning in several sites across NSW.

Pilot sites

The pilots are based on the regional catchments that have been developed through the working group process and the pilot sites are:

  • Central Tablelands (Elizabeth Evatt CLC)
  • South Coast (Shoalcoast CLC)
  • Northern Rivers (Northern Rivers CLC)
  • Central Coast (Central Coast CLC).

The pilots will focus on two areas of service delivery:

  • Advice sessions delivered by outreach
  • Community Legal Education (CLE).

The NLAF Working Group will oversee the pilots and will receive regular updates on them. Legal Aid NSW is providing secretariat support to the process.