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Collaborative Service Planning


The Collaborative Service Planning Working Group aims to establish an agreed framework to progress a more comprehensive approach to collaborative service planning in NSW. This will ensure that legal services are delivered in a coordinated and appropriate way to meet clients' legal needs. 


Gaby Carney, Director of Policy, Planning and Programs, Legal Aid NSW

Term of operation:

August 2018- August 2019

Terms of Reference


The Collaborative Service Planning Working Group is seeking your feedback.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of legal assistance service providers on proposed catchments for collaborative service planning across all areas of NSW.

The objective is to develop an agreed set of catchments to be used for analysing legal needs and unmet demand, and for organisations to work together in service planning, across the state. While this consultation is targeted at legal assistance sector providers, other organisations and individuals are welcome to provide comments.

In particular, feedback is sought on whether the proposed catchments make sense from a local perspective. 


The consultation paper can be found here.

Please provide your comments to the NLAF Working Group via the Planning and Review Unit at Legal Aid NSW (c/-o Tel: 02 9134 9326) by Friday, 29 March 2019

(NB. The previous deadline of 22 March 2019 has been extended to 29 March 2019.)